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Alternative Globalization Strategies

The CEMS Business Ethics Group produced a joint article on alternative globalization strategies entitled “Globalization and the Community” (European Business Forum, Autumn 2004, pp. 23–24.)

Laszlo Zsolnai with Zsolt Boda, Tomasz Dolegowski, Knut Ims, Josep Lozano, Eleanor O’Higgins and Antonio Tencati). They argue that if business follows the unhindered “market fundamentalist” type of globalization it could lose its legitimacy. It is better for global business to enter into an open dialogue with the global civil society and try to develop a cooperative strategy. Alternative globalization strategies can produce real progress. Companies and their stakeholders can win in a meaningful way. Only those companies that take the social and environmental challenges of globalization seriously, and are able to develop their strategies creatively and responsibly, will survive and secure future legitimacy.