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Beyond Self

Laszlo Zsolnai’s book entitled “Beyond Self: Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions of Economics” was published in 2014 by Peter Lang Academic Publishers in Oxford.

The central claim of the book is that without overcoming the self-interest doctrine there is no chance for the preservation of nature and producing true well-being for present and future generations.

The contents of the book is as follows:

1. Introduction: Economics, Ethics and Spirituality

2. Ethics in Business

The Moral Economic Man

Corporate Transgressions (co-authors: Albert Bandura, Stanford University and Gian-Vittorio Caprara, University of Rome “La Sapienza”)

Ethical Decision Making

Beyond Competitiveness: Creating Values for a Sustainable World (co-author: Antonio Tencati, Bocconi University, Milan)

3. Spirituality in Economics

Ethics Needs Spirituality

Future of Capitalism

Why Frugality? (co-authors: Luk Bouckaert, Catholic University of Leuven and Hendrik Opdebeeck, University of Antwerp)

Buddhist Economic Strategy

4. Responsible Economizing

Shallow Success and Deep Failure (co-author: Knut J. Ims, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen)

Respect for Future Generations

The Ethics of Systems Thinking

Redefining Economic Reason