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Course on Buddhism and the Economy

On May 4–6 and May 11–13, 2021, Laszlo Zsolnai, Gabor Kovacs, and Andras Ocsai conducted a six-day online course on “Buddhism and the Economy” at the Dharma Gate Buddhist College of Budapest.

The course covered the basic theories and models of Buddhist economics and showed the applicability of Buddhist values to today’s business and social life.

The course included the following modules:

• Laszlo Zsolnai: What Is Buddhist Economics?
• Gabor Kovacs: Main Theories of Buddhist Economics
• Laszlo Zsolnai: Consumption with a Buddhist Face
• Andras Ocsai: Buddhist Enterprises
• Gabor Kovacs: Gross National Happiness in Bhutan and Beyond
• Laszlo Zsolnai: How to Realize Buddhist Economic Strategies