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Business & Ecology Course at CEU

Jointly with the faculty of the Oxford Centre for the Environment, Ethics and Society (OCEES) of the Mansfield College, University of Oxford, the Business Ethics Center conducted a two-week summer course entitled “Business and Ecology” at the Central European University on July 10–21, 2000. A total of 29 young academics from 20 countries participated in the course.

The course consisted of the following modules:

James Robertson (OCEES, Mansfield College, University of Oxford): Economics of Sustainability

Neil Summerton (OCEES, Mansfield College, University of Oxford): Sustainable Production and Consumption

Laszlo Zsolnai (Business Ethics Center, Budapest): Business, Ecology and Society

Peter Pruzan (Copenhagen Business School): Social, Ethical, and Environmental Accountability

Thjornborn Knudsen (Odense University): Corporate Environmentalism in an Evolutionary Perspective

Judith Marquand (OCEES, Mansfield College, University of Oxford): Developing Competence in Environmental Management

Janos Vargha (The Danube Circle, Budapest): Ecological Restoration in Central and Eastern Europe