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CEMS Business Ethics Course in Helsinki

A CEMS course in Business Ethics was conducted at the Helsinki School of Economics in Finland on September 1–5, 2003. The course aimed at providing an introduction to business ethics from a European perspective. Theories of virtue ethics, applied ethics, and collective responsibility were introduced to provide theoretical background for contemporary issues in business ethics.

Helsinki School of Economics

Classes of the course included the following:

Marja-Liisa Kakkuri-Knuuttila (Helsinki School of Economics): Ethics and Capable Management” and “Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics and Its Relevance to Business Ethics

Kristina Rolin (Helsinki School of Economics): Business Ethics as Applied Ethics and Knowledge-Based Economy: A Challenge for Business Ethics

Nel Hofstra and Luit Kloosterman (Erasmus University Rotterdam): Building Ethical Institutions, Case in Advertising, Typology of Organizational Ethics, and “Corporate Sustainability”

Sirpa Juutinen (STAKES, Helsinki): Business and Society: The Finnish Experience

Laszlo Zsolnai (Business Ethics Center, Budapest): The Moral Economic Man, and The Stakeholder Theory of the Firm,

Zsolt Boda (Business Ethics Center, Budapest): Globalization and International Business Ethics.