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Comments on Bhutan Long Term Economic Development

Laszlo Zsolnai, András Ócsai, Gábor Kovács, and Zoltán Valcsicsák wrote a contribution to the Bhutan’s 21st Century Economic Roadmap project in August 2020.

In their paper “Principles and Ideas for Bhutan Long Term Economic Development“ they suggest that the main superordinate goal for Bhutan long term economic development should be the following: improving the quality of life of Bhutanese people while keeping the natural capital of Bhutan intact. This requires massive investment in (i) education, (ii) infrastructure, and (iii) food culture. The authors suggest that instead of Singapore, Switzerland, Nepal and Sri Lanka, other countries and regions should be selected as benchmarks for Bhutan, namely New Zealand, Iceland, Scotland, and Sikkim which strive for a wellbeing centered development while preserving their rich cultural and ecological heritage.