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Contemplative Science and Management

On May 19–21, 2017 the Business Ethics Center organized an international  conference on Contemplative Science & Management at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Co-organizing partners included the European SPES Institute, Mind & Life Europe, and the Hungary–Bhutan Friendship Society.

The conference invited scholars and practitioners devoted to exploring and presenting new developments in contemplative inquiry related to Buddhist Economics, Well-Being, Social Transformation, Mindful Organizations, and Ecological Worldview in a management context. This particular combination of fields represents a unique nexus for reflection and action in terms of developing more mindful and sustainable management practices for organizations in economic and social life. Post-modernism, process philosophy, complex systems theory, feminism, inter-spirituality, integral theory, embodied mind, and global/planetary consciousness can serve to catalyze the much required transformation at the individual, organizational and societal level.

The aims of the conference were

(1) to develop working models inspired by contemplative inquiry for the transformation of management practices in a variety of organizational settings
(2) to build a collaborative platform for scholars and practitioners devoted to contemplative inquiry in management and business
(3) to foster the development and spread of Buddhism-related approaches in economics and other social sciences.

The conference ended with a visit to the Dharma Gate Buddhist College where Rector Janos Jelen gave a presentation about the activities and projects at his university.