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Ecologically Conscious Businesses

András Ócsai gave a presentation on “Ecologically Conscious Businesses as Spiritually-Grounded Working Models in Different Professions” at Annual European SPES Conference entitled “Spirituality in Society and the Professions” in May 16-18, 2019 in Waterford, Ireland.

Waterford, Ireland

Andras Ócsai argued that the mainstream business world of our era dominated by materialistic values generates serious ecological, social and moral problems. To preserve the chances of survival of natural ecosystems and humankind, transformation of prevailing economy into sustainable economy, development and promotion of innovative progressive business models grounded in ecologically conscious and spiritual practices are indispensable.

Ócsai presented a study that maps the value background and business models of leading ecologically conscious businesses worldwide (Green Monday, Houdini Sportsware, Interface, Natura, Organic India, Patagonia, Scott Bader, TerraCycle). He showed that the value background of the studied businesses is rooted in the owners’, managers’ value commitments, internal drivers (religious, philosophical traditions, individual spirituality). Their ecological consciousness is rooted in a deep respect for nature, God or the source of life, or selfless service of the common good. Their success criteria are multidimensional, and they work not only for financial profit but for the well-being of all of their stakeholders.