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Ethical Leadership: Indian and European Spiritual Approaches

25 scholars and practitioners from Europe and India have contributed to the book “Ethical Leadership: Indian and European Spiritual Approaches” edited by Madhumita Chatterji and Laszlo Zsolnai. The book was published by Palgrave–Macmillan in 2016.

The book addresses issues of human values, ethics, spirituality and leadership in business; in doing so, the authors of this volume create dialogue and interchange between Indian and European cultural traditions.

Topics of the book include spiritual orientations towards business in Hindu, Buddhist and Christian traditions; the effect of spirituality upon contemporary leadership theories; sustainable business models in India and Europe, and a comparison between Indian and European philosophies of leadership. In exploring what India and Europe can offer one another in the development of ethical business leadership, the book aims to demonstrateways of achieving sustainability, peace and well-being.