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Ethical Prospects: Economy, Society and Environment

The book “Ethical Prospects—Economy, Society and Environment” was published in 2009 by Springer. Editors of the book are Laszlo Zsolnai, Zsolt Boda and Laszlo Fekete.

The book presents and summarizes new perspectives and leading-edge results in ethics reflecting on interconnected economic, social and environmental issues. The book reports on innovative practices and policy reforms and provides a forum for discussion about groundbreaking theories.

The book contains the following papers:

Edwin M. Epstein (University of California at Berkely): “The Good Company”,

Imre Ungvari-Zrinyi (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj–Kolozsvar): “Dialogic Ethics for Business”,

Eleanor O’Higgins (University College Dublin) and Yvon Pesqueux (CNAM, Paris): “Management Education—A Path to Business Integrity?”,

Robert Elliott Allinson (Soka University of America and The Chinese University of Hong Kong): “Value Creation as the Foundation of Economics”,

Laszlo Zsolnai (Corvinus University of Budapest): “Buddhist Economics for Business”,

Laura Albareda and Josep M. Lozano (ESADE Business School, Barcelona), Antonio Tencati and Francesco Perrini (Bocconi University, Milan), and Atle Midttun (Norwegian School of Management, Oslo): “The Role of Government in Corporate Social Responsibility”,

Frank Dixon (Innovest, New York): “Sustainable Systems Implementation”,

Laszlo Fekete (Corvinus University of Budapest): “Public versus Private Domain: Knowledge and Information in the Global Communications Network”,

James Robertson (Oxford): “Changing The Scoring System for the Game of Economic Life”,

Frans de Clerck (Triodos Bank Belgium): “Ethical Banking”,

Jakob von Uexkull (Council for Future Generations): “Representing Future Generations”,

Benedek Javor (Defence for the Future, Budapest): “A Speechless Mass Behind Sustainability”,

Paula Tiihonen (Committee for the Future, The Parlament of Finland): “The Right of Future Generations”,

Laura Nash (Harvard University): “The Legacy of Business Leaders”,

J.M. Sampath (Arpitha-Associates Pvt. Ltd., India): “Enhancing the Quality of our Decisions for Nurturing a Sustainable World”,

Peter Ulrich (University of St. Gallen): “Republican Liberalism versus Market Liberalism”,

Stephen B. Young (The Caux Round Table, Minneapolis): “Comments on Peter Ulrich’s ‘Republican Liberalism versus Market Liberalism’”,

Jean-Pierre Galavielle (University of Paris 1, “la Sorbonne”): “Who Can Civilize the Market?”,

Alpar Losoncz (University of Novy Sad): “Is Ethics Integral?”,

Gerhold K. Becker (Assumption University, Bangkok and Hong Kong Baptist University): “Which Role for Business Ethics? Some Reflections on Peter Ulrich’s Statement”,

Peter Ulrich (University of St. Gallen): “Reply: Republican Liberalism and Its Implications for Business Ethics”.