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Humanities for Business

The Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative, the European SPES Institute – Leuven, and the Business Ethics Center of the Corvinus University of Budapest organized an international webinar series entitled “Humanities for Business” from October 11–16, 2021.

The webinars presented the grand traditions of the Humanities as an untapped resource for business-world problems. At a time when the Humanities are viewed as in decline or under threat of collapse altogether, the course enacted and extended the best of the Humanities as regards to prevailing challenges within the complex realities of our current cultural moment. Topics of the webinars included values, trust, responsibility, ethics, leadership, self-realization, spirituality, narrative, literature, music, and the arts in relation and applied to current business challenges.

Faculty included

David W. Miller – Princeton University,
Michael J. Thate – Princeton University,
Laszlo Zsolnai – Business Ethics Center, Corvinus University of Budapest,
Madhumita Chatterji – ABBS School of Management, Bangalore,
Knut Ims – NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen,
Eleanor O’Higgins – University College Dublin, and London School of Economics,
Kevin Jackson – Fordham University, New York,
Titiporn Siriphant Puntasen – Rangsit University, Pathumthani,
Devin Singh – Dartmouth College,
Predrag Cicovacki – College of the Holy Cross, Worcester,
Anderson Blanton – Strategic Design and Innovation, Cone Health,
Margot Esther Borden – Integral Perspectives, Mumbai,
Oona Shambhavi D’mello – Conscious Development, and mySustainOnline.

Thirty-one participants attended the webinars from France, Hungary, India, Israel, The Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, the UK, and the USA. The webinar series helped the participants to understand how the humanities can contribute to the renewal of business and other human professions through deep existential-spiritual questioning, to developing a broader view of the purpose of human life alongside today’s social and ecological challenges, and to improving human creativity and sensitivity in the face of big ethical dilemmas in personal and professional life.