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Hungarian Buddhists

The book “Hungarian Buddhists. Conversations on the Self, the Economy and the Society” by Gábor Kovács and Laszlo Zsolnai was published in Hungarian by The Dharma Gate publisher and the Business Ethics Society in 2020.

The book collects in-depth interviews with Hungarian Buddhists leaders and practitioners about their paths to the Buddha, their meditative practices, and their views on pressing social and economic issues.

Interviewees – among others – are Pál Farkas (Dharma Gate Buddhist College, Budapest), Lajos Pressing (Árya Maitreya Mandala Buddhist Community), László Mireisz (Dharma Gate Buddhist Church of Hungary), Láma Csöpel (Hungarian Karma-Kagyüpa Buddhist Community), Antal Dobossy (Dharma Gate Zen Community), Tamás Agócs (Tibetologist), Tibor Derdák (Dr. Ámbédkar School), Andrea Beáta Tóth (Buddhist Vipassana Society), and Gábor Karsai (Dharma Gate Buddhist College, Budapest).

The book intends to show the inner plurality and creativity of the Buddhist movement in Hungary.