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Progressive Business Models: Creating Sustainable and Pro-social Enterprise

Eleanor O’Higgins and Laszlo Zsolnai edited a book entitled “Progressive Business Models: Creating Sustainable and Pro-social Enterprise” which was published in the Palgrave Studies in Sustainable Business series – In Association with Future Earth (London, Palgrave-Macmillan, 2017).

The book presents and analyses exemplary cases of progressive business, understood as ecologically sustainable, future-respecting and pro-social forms of enterprises. The authors describe a number of companies that follow progressive business practices from a range of industries, including ethical and sustainable banking, artisan coffee production and distribution, pharmaceutical products, clean technology, governance in retailing, responsible hospitality and consumer goods. With case studies from around Europe including Triodos Bank in The Netherlands, Béres Co. in Hungary, Novo Nordisk in Denmark, Lumituuli in Finland, John Lewis in the UK and Illy Café from Italy, these progressive companies have global reach and an international impact.

The collected cases show the best that can be expected from business in the twenty-first century in a structured and accessible way, and are suitable for all readers who are interested in innovative ways of creating forward-looking sustainable businesses.