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Wellbeing Oriented Organizations

The paper by Paul Shrivastava and Laszlo Zsolnai on “Wellbeing Oriented Organizations: Connecting Human Flourishing with Ecological Regeneration” was published in Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility (2022 (31): pp. 386–397).

Wellbeing is an organizing principle that ensures the simultaneous flourishing of people and nature. It binds together an ethics of nature and the ethics of people and community into a practical framework for creating integrated socioecological wellbeing.

This paper discusses the theoretical and practical implications of this position and presents illustrative cases of innovative wellbeing-oriented organizations, both business and social. The paper explains why we need wellbeing organizations anchored in the wellbeing economy movement. A concept of the wellbeing organization is presented and illustrated with working models of organizations that are attempting to live up to wellbeing values and practices.

The paper ends with some thoughts about the regulatory enabling of wellbeing organizations, specifies the practical implications thereof for policymakers and managers, and makes suggestions for further research.

This open-access paper can be downloaded at